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The Securing Mobility Summit will feature talks and panels by experts in automotive cyber and physical security, law enforcement, intelligence, technology, and academia. Our attendees will come from the automotive OEMs, venture capitalists, government officials, and the global media.


Learn about and operate the latest security products and services including robots and 3D technology, augmented and virtual reality, surveillance and counter-surveillance products, GPS hacking, jamming, and countermeasures, and a few surprises that we’ll announce later.  




William Whyte

/ CTO, Onboard Security
Dr. Whyte is responsible for the strategy and research behind Security Innovation’s activities in vehicular communications security and cryptographic research.

Faye Francy

/ Executive Director, Auto-ISAC
Faye Francy is the Executive Director of the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC). She previously led the Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) Cyber ONE engineering team

Tamir Bechor

/ Co-founder, Cymotive
Dr. Bechor is the co-founder of Cymotive and a professor at Claremont Graduate University's Center for Information Systems and Technology.

Allan Dykman

/ Director, Ametos Group
Allan Dykman has a background in Israeli Special Forces and Dignitary Protection. He is the Director of Business Development and International Liason for the global strategic solutions firm Ametos.

Greg Elin

/ Founder, GovReady
Greg Elin provides governance, risk management and compliance consulting on multiple projects for federal and state government agencies. Before founding GovReady, Mr. Elin was the first Chief Data Officer at the Federal Communication Commission.

John Robb

/ Futurist, Analyst
John Robb was an Air Force combat pilot and best-selling author who now consults for multinational corporations and government agencies on how the adoption of new technologies may impact their critical missions.

Jeff Debrosse

/ Founder and CEO, NXT Robotics
Founder of NXT Robotics. Head of R&D at Websense, and led the design team for Passages and other intelligence-based products at Ntrepid.

Russ Syphert

/ CISO and VP, Cyber Business Analytics, Inc.
Russ served for thirteen years as a network security specialist with the U.S. Army with extensive experience in offensive cyber operations. He is now the CISO and VP of Technology and Analytics at CBA, a global consulting firm.

Coming Soon

/ International Authorities In Security and Mobility
Check back often to see who we've added to our list of speakers.

An Early Look At The Agenda

Ametos Director and former IDF Special Forces veteran Allan Dykman will walk the attendees through an actual Red Team penetration of a luxury high performance automotive manufacturer’s most sensitive facilities, complete with video.
Greg Elin and representatives from DHS and DOD will review some of the most interesting security research being funded on how to secure autonomous vehicles from sabotage and malware in the commercial and military sectors.
Russ Syphert’s background with the U.S. Dept of Defense in offensive cyber operations will inform this talk on how an automotive OEM can conduct threat modeling exercises from the perspective of an asymmetric attacker.
This panel will examine the global automotive cybersecurity threat landscape and debate best practices in risk assessment and threat mitigation.

The Los Angeles Convention Center 

The Venue

The Securing Mobility Summit will take place in a 400 seat amphitheater in the new 50,000 technology pavilion at the LA Convention Center. The seats have been designed for comfort and convenience with individual fold-down desks and power outlets for every attendee. This Securing Mobility Summit has been carefully curated to deliver a day-long interactive discussion between speakers, attendees, and exhibitors. Many of the attendees will be from the automotive OEMs as well as telematics and software companies plus our usual mix of international government agencies and private sector security and intelligence professionals. Last year, 26,000 members of the automotive industry and the global media attended AutoMobility LA. We only have room for 400 so reserve your place today.

How To Join Us

  • Date: November 27, 2017
  • Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
  • Registration opens at 8:30am
  • Agenda (to be announced)
  • Wrap-up and preparation for the opening ceremonies of AutoMobility LA at 6pm
  • Registration fee of $225 for the Securing Mobility Summit may be credited towards an AutoMobility LA pass.
  • Book your hotel reservation now and enjoy exclusive AutoMobility LA room rates.