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The 1K Services Bundle

New 20K League clients may take advantage of a limited time $1,000/yr consulting agreement that provides $5,000 worth of services:

  • One cyber risk assessment (value $1,500)
  • One due diligence report per year (value $2,500) (sample)
  • Ten 30 minute phone consultations with a principal consultant per year (value $1,000)
  • A 30-day trial membership to Tresorit (one seat) – a Swiss company that 20K League is a reseller for. If you’re currently using AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar encrypted storage solutions for your sensitive data, you’re exposing it to un-necessary risk not to mention giving those cloud providers the ability to see your data in an unencrypted state and share it with law enforcement if requested. Tresorit offers a zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption solution that is best-in-breed and one that we fully endorse. After 30 days, clients pay a per-seat floating fee based upon number of seats enrolled. A Tresorit subscription may be cancelled at any time.

The 1K Services bundle provides $5,000 worth of services for only $1,000/year or $95/month – cancellable after the first 90 days as long as the client has not yet received a cyber risk assessment or a due diligence report, in which case value has been received and the agreement may be cancelled at the conclusion of the first year.

20K League consultants don’t just provide guidance to our clients, we produce results with a return-on-investment that is measurable and demonstrable. I know from experience how hard it is for small to medium-sized businesses to manage their cyber risk and protect their critical data from ransomware, mercenary hackers, insiders, competitors, and even State actors. We can help you navigate a confusing sea of cybersecurity hype, products that don’t deliver what they promise, and countless threat actors for less than the price of your daily Starbucks triple espresso macchiato.

Client Feedback

“As a startup that will be under scrutiny from security professionals, working with Jeff Carr and the consultants of the 20K League provides us with the expertise to start our security practices and mature them as our needs grow.” – Greg Elin, Founder/CEO at GovReady PBC

“By fusing information supplied by Jeff’s organization, we can uniquely identify which government is looking at our technologies/programs, and specifically what technology or program they are interested in.” – Senior IT executive at a Prime defense contractor

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